As Steve Bryant has declared today International How I Got Started In ColdFusion Day here is my piece.

My initial exposure was relatively limited; in 1997 I was doing a bit of research into providing access to IBM AS/400s running JBA software via the Internet and came across Allaire Cold Fusion. I was immediately able to connect to the DB2 database and pull back some data into a web page, which at the time seemed pretty magical.

I didn't come to use it in anger until 2000 when the company I was then working for decided to get into Content Management Systems. It started a partnership with a small company called Goss Interactive who had written a CMS in ColdFusion and as the presales person who was going to be showing it I had to learn all about it. The CMS was OK but I found it more fun to write internal applications for the previously non-existent Intranet using ColdFusion.

After a spot of travelling and data analysis type jobs I finally rocked up at Science Warehouse in 2005 as an Implementation Consultant. Although not hired as a programmer one of the first things I did was to introduce ColdFusion as part of the application stack by writing a business intelligence suite ("e-reports") which is widely used by our customers.

Now we have several applications and the main public website running ColdFusion happily alongside the main J2EE application, which means we can get new functionality out there a lot quicker than with Java alone.